Only logging out of Facebook is not enough (Facebook tracks what you do online)

Today, we have got a strange and shocking news for you. People using Facebook used to think that by logging out, they disconnect their all interactions with Facebook, but the reality is against it.

Facebook Privacy Issue

On September 26, Nik Cubrilovic,  an Australian technologist said that recently, he has found that Facebook can track the web pages we visit, even when we are not using it or when we are logged out our accounts.

According to Nik Cubrilovic, when the user is logged out of Facebook, and doesn’t delete his cookies, the site merely changes them, maintaining account and other unique information that can be used later to identify its users.

Nik Cubrilovic wrote a complete article explaining his discovery on his blog. He said in his blog post,”Even if you are logged out, Facebook still knows and can track every page you visit.”


Cubrilovic further told that he tried to contact with Facebook Stuff to inform them of his discovery, and to know about any solution to this security issue, but he did not get a reply.

So, instead of depending on Facebook, he continued his struggle and he found that the only solution to fix this issue is to delete every Facebook cookie in your browser, or to use a separate browser for Facebook interactions.

“The question is what it will take for Facebook to address privacy issues and to give their users the tools required to manage their privacy and to implement clear policies – not pages and pages of confusing legal documentation, and ”logout” not really meaning `logout’,” he added.

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Facebook Has Updated Its Chat Messenger For iOS

Recently, Facebook has launched a new version of its Messenger for iOSFacebook Messenger 2.0, the company’s only chat app, got better user interface with this update, and also boost in loading speed. FB Messenger 2.0 has official support for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.

FB Chat Messenger 2.0

Facebook has introduced some new features in their new version of chat messenger. The conversation view, now uses chat bubbles, which gives the app look of a text messaging app like Apple’s own iMessage, where as the previous version looked more like your email inbox.

Furthermore, the iOS app now shows a list of all your online friends when you swipe to the left. From there, you can now easily pin those friends you talk to the most to the top of your Favourites list.

Despite of addition of new features, there is still one feature that’s missing from the iOS app, that is, the ability to text with your contacts from within Messenger. Only a few Android devices currently support this feature.

New Features in Version 2.0

  •  New design for conversations
  •  Improved speed and reliability
  •  Add friends you message most to the top of your Favorites
  •  Swipe left anywhere in the app to see who’s online and send a message
  •  Support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5
  •  Bug fixes
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iPhone 5: 5 million units, in first three days

Recently, Apple has launched their new version of smart-phone: iPhone 5. Within first 3 days of launch, apple has sold five million iphone 5’s units. That was a lot better than the previous version; iPhone 4s‘ first three days last year.
Apple sets new sales record. More than two million people ordered the device before the launch, twice the number that pre-ordered its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, and the company sold out of its initial production run.
But the figures still came below the expectation of some Wall Street analysts and Apple’s shares fell over $10 in early trading.

Seeing the response, Apple chief executive Tim Cook said,”Demand for iPhone 5 has been incredible, and we are working hard to get an iPhone 5 into the hands of every customer who wants one as quickly as possible,. While we have sold out of our initial supply, stores continue to receive iPhone 5 shipments regularly and customers can continue to order online and receive an estimated delivery date.”

Apple sold four million units of their previous device: iPhone 4S in its opening weekend last year. The iPhone 5 also had a bigger launch than iPhone 4S, selling in two more countries than its predecessor.

Apple has further plans for the new iPhone 5. Nine countries are now giong to sell the iPhone 5, and that will grow to more than 100 by the end of the year.

Colin Gillis, a technology analyst at BTIG in New York, said: “On any metric, this is a success. It’s one million more units than last time. But this is Apple, and given the expectations on this company, they have to not just set records – they have to smash them.”

Gillis said smart-phone sales in general were slowing and that Apple had already conceded that sales of iPhone 4Ss had been hit as customers put off buying them in anticipation of the next release.

Apple had been expected to sell 25m iPhones in the September quarter. But Gillis said, “Quite frankly, a lot of people have smartphones already. The market is slowing down.”

Apple’s shares had fallen $10 to $690.09, and the shares ended the day with $9.30 at $690.79.

What do you expect from new iPhone 5 ? Tell us in comment section.

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Sony to launch their new PS3

Sony company is going to launch a new super slim, lighter and smaller version of their gaming console: PlayStation 3.

New PS3 with half of the weight and volume of the original machine, will be available in two specifications: one with a 500GB hard drive, which will be launched on 28 September, and another one, on 12 October with a 12GB flash memory.

PS3 was first launched in 2006, then it was redesigned in 2009 and until now, its 66 million units are sold worldwide.

The new PS3 once again features a Blu-ray drive for playing high definition movies as well as games.

Owners of new PS3 will also be able to use the hard drive to store games,photos and videos as well. Owner of the limited 12GB flash version will be able to use external hard drive to increase capacity if needed.

Sony will allow stores to set the retail price for their new super slim consoles. However, the 500GB model will retail at £240, while the 12GB version, which is exclusive to Europe, will come in at  £180.

Sony will also be making a range of bundle deals available in the period of Christmas, featuring titles such as Fifa 13 and Assassin’s Creed 3.

Launching a refreshed machine with an “entry-level” option just before Christmas will suggest to many in the industry that this is the seven-year-old console’s last hurrah before the announcement of a follow-up at the E3 games conference in Los Angeles next June. Rival manufacturer Microsoft is also expected to reveal its successor to the Xbox 360 at the same event.

Sony announced their new console at its press conference in the Tokyo Game Show on Tuesday.

The company has confirmed that its PS Mobile platform will launch on 3 October. The service is offering PlayStation certified games on compatible Android smartphones and tablets.

Well, good luck Sony for your latest upcoming gaming console. We love PlayStation, and are waiting for its launch.

What do you think about new PS3?

Tell us in comments.

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