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Thank you for your interest in guest posting on TechnologyIE.

We accept guest posts, and we really appreciate guest posts which are about our topic (Technology).

Guidelines on Guest Posting:-

Before you send us your submission, please make sure to read following guidelines:-

1. Unique Post:-

First and foremost, the guest post that you are submitting to our site, must be completely unique and must not be published on any other site (including your own).

2. Topic:-

The guest post should be about anything relevant to:-

  • Technology
  • Gadgets
  • Smart Phones & Tablets
  • Social Media

3. Call to Action:-

Please do not include a call to action to visit your blog or check out a product or service you’re offering within your post. We can’t accept posts that contain calls to action.

4. Links:-

You can only include two links in your guest post. It is upto you how you use them.

5. Author Bio:-

By submitting a guest post, you give us new content for our site. You help us and in return, we also want to help you in promoting your website and brand. You can tell audience about yourself and your brand in the last line, that is author bio. But you have only 3-4 lines to express yourself.

How to Submit Your Guest Post:-

Now, if you understand and agree to our guideline, then you can submit your guest to us by sending an email to technologyie@yahoo.com. It may take some time reviewing your post.

If your posts get accepted and published on our website, then we will inform you by sending an email.

Got Any Question:-

If you still have any questions or concerns, you can contact us by going to our contact form.