iPhone 5: 5 million units, in first three days

Recently, Apple has launched their new version of smart-phone: iPhone 5. Within first 3 days of launch, apple has sold five million iphone 5’s units. That was a lot better than the previous version; iPhone 4s‘ first three days last year.
Apple sets new sales record. More than two million people ordered the device before the launch, twice the number that pre-ordered its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, and the company sold out of its initial production run.
But the figures still came below the expectation of some Wall Street analysts and Apple’s shares fell over $10 in early trading.

Seeing the response, Apple chief executive Tim Cook said,”Demand for iPhone 5 has been incredible, and we are working hard to get an iPhone 5 into the hands of every customer who wants one as quickly as possible,. While we have sold out of our initial supply, stores continue to receive iPhone 5 shipments regularly and customers can continue to order online and receive an estimated delivery date.”

Apple sold four million units of their previous device: iPhone 4S in its opening weekend last year. The iPhone 5 also had a bigger launch than iPhone 4S, selling in two more countries than its predecessor.

Apple has further plans for the new iPhone 5. Nine countries are now giong to sell the iPhone 5, and that will grow to more than 100 by the end of the year.

Colin Gillis, a technology analyst at BTIG in New York, said: “On any metric, this is a success. It’s one million more units than last time. But this is Apple, and given the expectations on this company, they have to not just set records – they have to smash them.”

Gillis said smart-phone sales in general were slowing and that Apple had already conceded that sales of iPhone 4Ss had been hit as customers put off buying them in anticipation of the next release.

Apple had been expected to sell 25m iPhones in the September quarter. But Gillis said, “Quite frankly, a lot of people have smartphones already. The market is slowing down.”

Apple’s shares had fallen $10 to $690.09, and the shares ended the day with $9.30 at $690.79.

What do you expect from new iPhone 5 ? Tell us in comment section.


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1 Response to iPhone 5: 5 million units, in first three days

  1. John Michael says:

    Wow…Absolutely iphone 5 will break all records….just wait n watch….
    well, thanks for info

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