Sony to launch their new PS3

Sony company is going to launch a new super slim, lighter and smaller version of their gaming console: PlayStation 3.

New PS3 with half of the weight and volume of the original machine, will be available in two specifications: one with a 500GB hard drive, which will be launched on 28 September, and another one, on 12 October with a 12GB flash memory.

PS3 was first launched in 2006, then it was redesigned in 2009 and until now, its 66 million units are sold worldwide.

The new PS3 once again features a Blu-ray drive for playing high definition movies as well as games.

Owners of new PS3 will also be able to use the hard drive to store games,photos and videos as well. Owner of the limited 12GB flash version will be able to use external hard drive to increase capacity if needed.

Sony will allow stores to set the retail price for their new super slim consoles. However, the 500GB model will retail at £240, while the 12GB version, which is exclusive to Europe, will come in at  £180.

Sony will also be making a range of bundle deals available in the period of Christmas, featuring titles such as Fifa 13 and Assassin’s Creed 3.

Launching a refreshed machine with an “entry-level” option just before Christmas will suggest to many in the industry that this is the seven-year-old console’s last hurrah before the announcement of a follow-up at the E3 games conference in Los Angeles next June. Rival manufacturer Microsoft is also expected to reveal its successor to the Xbox 360 at the same event.

Sony announced their new console at its press conference in the Tokyo Game Show on Tuesday.

The company has confirmed that its PS Mobile platform will launch on 3 October. The service is offering PlayStation certified games on compatible Android smartphones and tablets.

Well, good luck Sony for your latest upcoming gaming console. We love PlayStation, and are waiting for its launch.

What do you think about new PS3?

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