We Have Started Working … Again

I think you don’t know about it but we had been working on a new project that was a top 10 list website. We created it in the beginning of 2013. With team work and efforts, we became able to make ours website one of the best top 10 list websites. Ours idea was to make top 10 list entertaining and informative at the same time so that people could not only enjoy the post but also gain some information from it. The project is very successful and we are really happy and kind of proud of it. 🙂 That website is TheWorldTopTens. You can check it here.

Now, we have started working on another project, that is a how-to website where we will be sharing step-by-step how-to’s, guides and tutorials on almost all topics. We’ll try to completely explain each and every step so that you easily understand how to do something. The main topics that we will be covering are:

  • Education (programming, maths & language etc)
  • Entertainment (movies, autos)
  • Arts (creative desiginig, skills)
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Food (recipes, diet, weight loss n gain)
  • Travel
  • Fashion & Glamour
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Computer & Gadgets (hacks, tricks & techniques)

We are sure you’ll like our new website. Check it out here. And thanks for staying with us.

Stay blessed.

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What People Do On Smart phones?


What People Do On Smart phones?

This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Toms promotional code) and TheWorldTopTens.

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Don’t Give Up Social Networks While You’re Abroad

This is a guest post by Veronica Clyde.

When you are on the road and out of the country, it is more important than ever to stay in touch with your friends, family, and co-workers via social media like Twitter and Facebook. These tools are a great way to let everyone know that you are safe and enjoying yourself, and they allow others to vicariously experience everything that you are doing. But while you are on the road, you will sometimes run into restrictions on which social networks you can access. These restrictions arise in several different ways.

Sometimes, the government of whichever state or country you are in has limited what sites you can access on their internet connections. Other times, the social network you choose will have limited which countries it is accessible from. It doesn’t really matter how the restrictions come about, though. Either way, you need some method by which you can skirt the rules and stay in touch with your loved ones.

Your Very Own Network

The good news is that it is totally possible to access your favorite social networks even when you are in a country that doesn’t usually have access to them. And not only that, but doing so is straightforward and inexpensive, and requires very little technical ability. If you can download a program onto your computer, then you can access whatever social network you desire. The way to do so is by getting a VPN service.

VPN stands for virtual private network, and these services set up a private pathway through which you can access any website you want. If the country you are currently in prevents you from loading a particular site, you can simply fire up your VPN service and load the site over that connection instead. Suddenly, the walls come tumbling down and the entire internet is at your fingertips once more.

Disguise Your Location

On the other hand, your social networking site may only be accessible from certain locations. Some networks can only be loaded in the United States, for example. You can work around these limitations, too. If you find a VPN server in the United States, then any website you access will interpret your location as “USA,” even if you are on the very opposite side of the world. This means that geographic restrictions no longer apply to you. No matter where your travels take you, you will still be in reach of your friends via social networking.

About Author:

Veronica Clyde is a dedicated writer at VPNServices.net – a website where you can read about VPN services and Online Security. She also loves to share VPN technology, WordPress and Blogging tips.

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Icons to Get Social Media Followers

If there are two words that you’re probably seeing quite a bit these days on WordPress blogs, they are “Follow Us”. There are several different plug-ins that allow you to integrate your WordPress blog with your social media profiles. The thing to remember about these plug-ins is that you can actually get them included with some premium WordPress theme and not have to install them yourself. Here are some of the other things that you’ll want to consider.

On Every Site?

Just about every one of these social media plug-ins for WordPress will come with the option to include a link to your profile on a huge number of different sites. Almost all of them will include, at the very least, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr and the other giants. Don’t let this make you panic. You don’t have to go out and create a profile on every single one of the social media sites. In fact, if one of the social media sites is really completely useless to you, you’re better off putting more effort into a profile on a site that really does your business some good.


Some people tend to use their social media sites as a sort of public diary. If the primary purpose of your blog is business, this is something you want to avoid, for pretty obvious reasons. The people who constitute your customer base don’t really want to know about your personal problems. If you plan on having a social media profile for your business, make a social media profile for your business and leave your personal life out of it. This is perfectly acceptable and, when you think about it, some of your readers will probably appreciate that they don’t have to hear about every personal aspect of your life.


Even though there are so many plug-ins available that put social media icons on your sidebar, make sure you also have icons in your blog posts. These typically appear at the bottom of the blog post. It’s a better idea to put them there than at the top. People don’t know whether or not your article is worth sharing until they read it, so it makes more sense to put an option to share your article at the bottom of the post. Between having social media icons on your sidebar and at the bottom of your blog posts, you should see some increase in social media related activity to your blog.

About Author:

Olga Ionel is a creative writer at ThemeFuse.com – a provider of premium WordPress themes. She is passionate about studying online marketing industry and sharing informative tips.

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Tips on How To Speed Up Your PC

Is your PC running too slowly?

Do you want to make your PC run faster and more smoothly?

Surely, you want and that’s why you are reading this article.

You can do certain steps to increase your PC speed. We have written this article to fix your problem. We will show you how to speed up your PC and make it run smoothly.

Below, you’ll find some of the best tips which are collected from experts (including Microsoft support), to increase your PC speed:-

tips how to speed up you pc

How to Speed up your PC

Delete Unnecessary Softwares and Programs

There are tens of software installed on your PC. Most of them are junk and garbage programs. You don’t need them. They are slowing down your PC. So, you need to delete them in order to make your PC more faster. Go to control panel and then click on add and remove programs. A window will open, check and uninstall unnecessary programs.

Free Up Disk Space

If you drives are filled with junk files, then it can affect your PC performance. To fix this issue, use the disk cleanup tool. It will help you in removing temporary internet files, unused restore points, softwares you no longer use and temporary Windows files.

Protect Your System From Viruses

Spyware and malware are used to gain personal information without your information. They are really dangerous for you and your PC. Viruses damage your system and make it run very slow. If you want to protect you system from viruses, then make it sure to install antivirus like Avast Antivirus and other anti-malware programs. They would find and delete all viruses, malware and spyware from your computer and would make it more secure and faster.

Use System Maintenance Software

There and hundreds of system utility and maintenance software available on web. CCleaner is best among them. I personally recommend it. It is used to clean registry and to remove junk unused files. Install any of system maintenance software. It will detect and fix system errors, and will enhance your PC speed.

Defragment Your Disk Drive

Disk fragments slows your PC performance. Fragmented files are searched just like an open file. It consume your memory and slow down your computer.

To fix this issue, run a system utility called Disk Defragmentation. To defragment any disk or drive, right-click on folder and then, open tools tabs. There you will find a button saying “Defragment Now”. Click on this button and it will defragment your drive. Run this process at regular interval to maintain your system performance and speed.

Update Your System Drivers and Software

Keeping your system drivers and software is necessary for better PC performance. Update driver when its new update is available. And also make software installed on your PC are up-to-date. Install latest version of programs and update your antivirus regularly to keep your system in good performance.

I hope these tips on speeding up your PC would help you in improving your system performance. Follow these steps and make your PC faster and smoother.

Do you have any other tip on how to increase PC speed?

Share your thoughts in comments.

(I have created  a top 10 list website. Check it out for some interesting top 10 lists.)

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